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Springtime is for Growing Things

2012 has turned out to mean BIG changes for me. Good ones, but big.

New Plates Preview

I have suspended custom orders for the next few months, at a minimum, while I work on a few things, namely:

  • A new fresh face for my work. I’m rehauling the way I make a lot of my pieces, and on top of that, I really want to bring things more into focus, and hone down my lines. For the past few years my pottery has been leaning more and more towards folk art motifs, and out of fear of leaving my “safety zone,” I kept steering away from it. But finally I have taken the leap, and I really want to focus focus focus on bringing my ideas to life. I think you will love what’s coming.
  • Transitioning this site, and my Etsy shop, over to the moniker Zebest Pottery.
  • And lastly–I probably won’t be talking about this here again, since it’s not really relevant to my ceramic work, but I’m turning a lot of my attention over to a second business I’ve been working on for a while: hand-blended nail polishes. It does tie in to my pottery on one way, though, which is that I’ve found myself able to expend most of my EXCESS COLOR ENERGY on my nails instead of my plates. Har har. But seriously…I want a more simple, easily-manageable glaze palette, but it was difficult when I was always like “I NEED TO DO THIS IN TEN MORE COLORS RAR!!!!”

The redesign for this site drags on…which is okay. It’ll happen when it happens.

Look out for a clearance sale in my shop in the near future!

And meanwhile, my bit of earth and green thumb have both been improving….

My First Fennel

Asiatic Lily Blooms