Panopoly Creations

Running on a Treadmill

For the past month or so, I’ve felt like I’m just barely keeping my head above water. There are so many projects I want to be working on, but instead it seems like I’m only completing the tasks that need completing.

This is terribly frustrating for an obsessive workaholic such as myself. For example, working nonstop on custom orders means that, when I’m done, my inventory is just as small (if not smaller) as it was before I made all that stuff. So even though I am making money and working hard, there seems to be virtually nothing left to show for it except a messy studio and a sink full of dishes.

I feel like I really need to kick into overdrive and make some AWESOME NEW STUFF. But–what’s that? A new pile of custom orders just came in? And another project deadline approaches? And I’m going out of town for my birthday on the 26th and need to do all this stuff before I leave?

Here we go again….