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A Backlog of News!

I’ve been neglecting my Thing A Day project lately, at least in the sense that I haven’t been making a lot out of raw clay in the past couple weeks. However, I don’t feel bad about this, because I’ve been getting a lot done.

You might notice, for example, that some of my Thing A Day pieces are already up up in my Etsy shop. In fact, some of them have already sold! Here’s a couple pictures of the completion process for them:

Thing a Day: Kilnload

Thing A Day: Glaze Glaze Glaze #1

Thing A Day: cluck tile

I also don’t even think I mentioned here that in addition to some of the Thing A Day goodies I showed off here, I also made more than 30 plates. Many of these went to the new batch I took over to Mission Pie: if you thought the last ones I made for them were a bit too “souvenir-y,” the new ones say simply “eat more pie,” which is a message I think we can all live by.

Another Round

The other main project I (and my husband, who’s been doing all the gruntwork) have been working on, is the continuing “remodel”/makeover of my studio, which has remained somewhat of a stagnated work in progress since last fall, but is now finally getting some very happy improvements. The first step was putting in some shelves:

Yay Shelves! #4

And in addition to more shelves on the way, plus some ART on the walls, we found this awesome cabinet/drawer unit thing on the street,which after some pretty minor repairs, is now able to hold all my inventory, and not look totally hideous doing it! So suddenly (well, after some very happy yet heavy reorganization occured) filling orders no longer involves spelunking through the closet and digging through boxes and generally going on an epic adventure every time.

The sun has finally returned to San Francisco, which does mean I’ve been taking some genuine time off to go and frolic in the sunshine. It also means my studio has become a sunlit, inspiring place to work, which in turn has allowed me to get a lot of stuff done that I was just not feeling all winter long, such as uploading big chunks of my backlog of photos, drawing, reading, and welll…generally being happy!

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