Panopoly Creations

Shelter for the Storm

Although he only formally started a week ago, it’s fair to say that my boyfriend/partner/fiancĂ© has quite succeeded in helping me get my packages out quicker. I have to admit there have been times in the past when being a full-time ceramicist, customer service correspondant, director of marketing, accountant and shipping clerk can get overwhelming. It’s nice to “outsource” one of these tasks—just shipping, for now—even if it hasn’t even gone outside the room.

Really, I just had to set aside the time to teach him my system. That’s harder than it sounds if you’ll keep in mind all those different hats I wear. When I set up my business I purposefully walked into this ever-whirling task-tornado; I think it took me this long (a year and a half) to adequately explain to someone else how I want to weather it.