Panopoly Creations

Pendants of Precipitation

Poemdrops a-plenty will very soon be drip-dropping into my shop, probably today. This latest batch was made over the past month, one of the rainiest months of the year here in San Francisco. During such a drizzly time, cutting and shaping and sanding the clay into stylized rain droplets seemed quite… well, “poetic” would be the right word. But the word “poem” in Poemdrop has a much simpler explanation. Here, I’ll show you:

Hands Full of Pendants
Even closer:
Many, Many Pendants

Yes, that sure is a lot of pendants. Each is inscribed with a tiny snippet of poetry, and each comes with a bound ribbon of fabric. And they’re all being put in the shop. Each and every one. Soon. Soon-ish. Not to mention all of these pod pendants:

Pod PendantsProfusion of Pod Pendants

And hey, buttons too!

Buttons in Columns

Look at all those buttons—big, small, smooth, textured, each set a different glaze. So much to list! And how silly of me, when I could be doing real work… to instead sit here blogging about it.