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Bloggin’ in the Rain

My Handmade Spaces Feature on Modish! Blogging, or writing in general, is very much a rainy day activity for me. Something about the murmuring sounds outside, the narrowing of possibilities for my day…it makes me more introspective and more willing to just sit back.

But today something very exciting has happened as well, that simultaneously fits my introspective mood! Jena over at one of my favorite blogs, Modish, has written a Handmade Spaces feature about me and my workspace!

And other bits of news:

My Obama magnets got featured on The Obama Craft Project! If you’re in the US, please vote tomorrow!

I’ve donated one of my pendants to the Paper and Stitch blog giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled–there are going to be lots of awesome goodies up for grabs!

Also, Indie Fixx is having an awesome giveaway right now too, with tons of amazing items in the lineup, including one of my favorite vendors from last month’s Indie-Mart, Sprout Studio!

My current goal in my shop is to have 250 total listings (current and sold) and I am almost there! I’ve also been working hard on updating all my photos to give them a more consistent, warm, dreamlike look. Here’s some before and after for you:

Orchid Handmade Ceramic Beads

I have a feeling I’m going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen today now…maybe baking bread or pumpkin puree…and probably some good ol’ fashioned cheeseburgers too!