Panopoly Creations

Etsy Five: Almost made it!

I tried to have this edition done in time for Labor Day, but didn’t quite succeed. My internet access from home is still experiencing lots of problems.

I’m going to be filling some custom orders and making an oversized teacup for my grandma (shhhhh!) tomorrow, hopefully, as soon as I get some shipping done…

belleandboo is pretty well-known for her art prints, but I didn’t know she made stuffed dolls too! This one in particular is really cute.

I really love the way that hadleyhutton utilizes the resources of mixed media, often using ink, watercolor, encaustic and pencil all in one piece. The effect invariably is something ethereal, intangible, and more than the sum of its parts.

This print is part of a three-piece series based on the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.” I have to admit that I am a huge sucker for charcoal art–it is just so subtle and textural. I am also a big fan of artquirk‘s illustrations of buildings in European cities.

amyjjewelry specializes in jewelry made from various fare tokens; this is by far my favorite.

As a maker of rings made from “unusual” materials myself, I’m also on the lookout for more of “my kind.” I got to check out scabbyrobot‘s neato leather rings firsthand at Renegade SF, and I can testify to their unique beauty and comfort. This one is such a gorgeous color, too!