Panopoly Creations

A Not-Quite-Friday Etsy Five

Still am printerless. Bleh.

I have actually been managing to make new things, though, despite the heat. Working on custom orders and lots of fun new things for the months ahead!

The latest addition to the Etsy shop is this pendant:

I’m pointing it out in particular because it’s one that I feel almost viscerally emotionally connected to; I seriously considered keeping it for myself, but decided I would rather share.

Now, on with my Etsy picks for the day:

I know phantomwise best for her amazing works in black and white, particularly her in-progress Tarot deck, but when she does use color, she uses it with a deft, subtle hand, as evidenced in this cryptic mixed-media print.

It was so hard to choose just one print from atwhim‘s many fantastic, succinct little creations, but when I saw this, I knew it was the one. It’s the simple cleverness that really does it for me.

I was recently delighted to find out that stoopidgerl is not only a fantastic photographer, but can also do the most amazing, beyond cute things with resin, such as capturing real sprinkles inside! How can I not love that?

This is just one example of the many fascinating creations made by yaelfran, who is deservedly well-known in the Etsy community for making unique, adorable items!

This nightgown is just so rich and elegant! I can picture myself lounging aorund in this every day if I could! OnTheInside creates lots of great handmade lingerie, for the elegant woman in all of us!