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Etsy Five: August 20th

My birthday is in six days! No wonder I’m enjoying browsing Etsy so much this week!

This awesome bracelet, which spells GEEK in amino acids, was made by the very talented molecularmuse, who makes all kinds of beautiful, science-grounded items, perfect for the geek in us all!

I had a hard time choosing the best thing to feature from sihaya09 (aka Sihaya Designs). I’ve known her online since long before she started selling her jewelry online, and it’s so wonderful seeing her become so successful. Today I think this gorgeous necklace best represents the direction her work is now taking her–into a world of sophisticated, subtle color schemes, professional workmanship, and shimmering semi-precious stones.

One of the things I am really longing for as my birthday approaches, after stalking them from afar, is a print of one of dkim‘s beautiful, dreamlike artworks. There is something inutterably heartbreaking about “Too Alive to Stay,” one of my new favorites from her shop.

PreciousMeshes does absolutely amazing things with wire, working with it like it’s yarn! I love her woven, wrapped pearls, especially. These Protozoa earrings are just one example among many.

Every single item in lake‘s shop seems to tell a story, and her Apothecary earrings are no exception. when I picture them I think of a children’s picture book, maybe something like Little Nemo, riding around in a dirigible with these dainty, little cages hovering all around.