Panopoly Creations

Etsy Five: August 18

This abstract pendant by mamacitabeadworks is so wonderfully modern and classy! I think it would look great for a cocktail party.

When I went shopping through antb‘s shop, I saw lots of lovely items, but didn’t expect to find anything as fangirly as this Ferris Bueller bowl! What an awesome surprise.

This CRAFT diorama by beebalalou is amazingly intricate. What a great art piece! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Jen Rowan doing her thing at several local craft and art shows, and she has a great personality to match her work!

BirdNerd is a local favorite Etsian of mine. She has so many amazing illustrations and representations of different avian friends (in many different mediums too! including plushies!) that it was hard to decide which one I would feature today–but I decided this barn owl had the best color scheme.

Another really talented local illustrator is jenoaks. I have been stalking this Striped Socks print for months. As you can see, I’m a big fan of stripey socks myself.