Panopoly Creations

Catchin’ Up to Do

I have been fighting an unusually slow internet connection for the past week or so, trying to get all my new items added to the Etsy shop–and trying to get caught up on items over at Dawanda. But there’s so much to do! I still have many pendants and rings ready to list, and dozens of buttons and beads, animal friends, housewares and more, to photograph and write listings for. I had no idea how much new stuff I’d actually made, until it came time to put it all online!

o what land is the land of dreams -- ceramic pendant

Meanwhile I seem to be building a little momentum: I’ve appeared on the Etsy homepage several times recently, and it’s earned me 270 hearts as of today. I’ve almost made the 100 sales mark too! It’s very exciting, and I’m working hard to keep promoting. I am considering buying a cooperative Etsy ad spot in CRAFT magazine that would be showing up this fall, I’m trying to get up the nerve to write to some blogs about my products, and I’m donating 30 of my Poem Drop Pendants to the sampler giveaway going on at Brownie’s Vintage in Berkeley, CA on August 15th. I’m in the middle of making them right now!