Panopoly Creations

…And, the Redesign Is Now Live!

That’s right, the long-anticipated spiffing-up of my blog is now (mostly) complete! Thanks so much to my boy Orin Zebest for the redesign and for all his help and patience.

Speaking of Orin, he has lots of new photos from my last two craft fairs!

First there was the Renegade Craft Fair: San Francisco, where I, along with many other SFEtsy members, helped to stock the Etsy booth with lots of crafty goodness.

Here’s my display, with handcranked‘s also visible in the background. We were right by the entrance–it was so exciting!

A close-up of my bead and button display. I used a vintage half-sized letterpress drawer.

My ring case. It’s a modified cigar box.

A close-up of the rings, on their bed of rice in the box.

And next. only two weeks later, there was the SFEtsy Handcrafter’s Faire, at the home of Linda Davis Designs.

Some of the members of my new line of Animal Friends, which will be going up in my shop any day now.

Napkin rings — more goodies to watch out for in my store!

I made a lot of new beads for this event, only some of which are seen here. There are also lots of new buttons, slightly to the left of what you can see here.

And probably my most exciting new project, this is a display of my Poem Drop Pendants–wee little ceramic droplets stamped with phrases or lines from poetry. These should start trickling into my shop today!

And there are already some new things in my shop today, including this new ring:

Desert Sage Ceramic Ring

These last two craft fairs were fun, but I will be taking a break from public events for a while, to finally make time to organize all my small business registration gobbledegook. I will be doing some fairs in the fall/winter, hopefully, and in the meantime, I will have more time to devote to my online shops!

(“Shops”? Yes, there’s a plural now, because although I pretty much opened and then ran out of time to devote to it, I now also have a shop on the Euro-based site Dawanda, which will hopefully make my items more accessible to international customers, as well as those closer to home!