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Featured Shop: Tamara’s Herbes

Today I’m writing about one of my new favorite handmade bath & body (plus tea!) shops on Etsy: Tamara’s Herbes.

[Hair Therapy for Brunettes and Redheads]

I first discovered Tamara’s shop when I was doing a search for handmade shampoo. At the time, she didn’t have any shampoo listed in her shop (she does now!) but she did have a hair treatment called Hair Therapy, that comes in special formulations for blondes and brunettes/redheads, as well as a basic one, which I bookmarked to buy later.

Right after that I put in an Alchemy request for a facial scrub/cleanser and moisturizer for my very particular needs. I have a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which is caused by an allergy to a specific yeast/fungus that normally lives on everybody’s skin. My skin can be very oily and very irritated and flaky, all at the same time, if I don’t treat it well.

Tamara was one of the many great people who responded, and one of the four whose bids I accepted. She sent me some information about her Blooming Beauty Toner. I have never been able to use toners in the past, but she explained that it was gentle, healing, and actually moisturizing. I honestly had my doubts about it, but because Tamara offers samples of most of her products, I decided to order samples of the toner and the hair treatment I’d been eyeing.

[Blooming Beauty Face Toner]

I was completely amazed at the quality of the products I received. The toner lived up to everything I’ve been told, and my skin is so much healthier since using it. I have only gotten a chance to use the hair treatment once (The first thing that falls by the wayside when I have too much on my plate is finding time to take care of myself, and although I have adapted my schedule to make time for my skin, my hair hasn’t been so fortunate as of yet.) but I really enjoyed the experience of using it and it did seem to improve my hair.

Since that first happy purchase I have also ordered some different body scrubs and bath salts as Mother’s Day gifts. Tamara continued her excellent customer service with this order, and kindly added a gift note for me. My relatives loved the package they received, but I haven’t gotten a chance yet to find out if they’ve used the products!

Alas, my supply of toner is rapidly dwindling, and so I am now trying to decide what I will throw in with my next order! Here are a couple things I definitely have my eye on:

[Garden Goddess Face Masque]

[Cherry Cream Herbal Tea]