Panopoly Creations

Whee! Mostly done!

Mostly done with a few things: First off, my spiffy new layout, which is obviously well on its way to being done. The styling just needs some tweaking, which is the fun part!

And I’m mostly done with a bunch of stuff: I have a whole tray full of beads and other doodads waiting to be bisque-fired, and some other goodies that need to be glazed and/or go through their final firing. I also have some things that are ready to be listed and are just waiting for me to take photos, price them, etc.

And I’m mostly done making myself a new teapot, too! My first teapot. It’s sitting there drying on the shelf, and I’m so excited!

Starting next week, I think, I’ll start doing some item reviews, crafty interviews, and/or something along those lines. We’ll see!