Panopoly Creations

And, another kiln-load done today!

My kiln is currently doing a bisque fire for a large number of items–mostly beads, but also some experimental things, such as some freeform pendants, some adorable little buttons, a bangle bracelet, and a little inkwell. I still have some bisqueware waiting too be glazed, too!

The popularity of my handmade beads seems to be steadily growing, which is very encouraging. I found out today that my work has been featured in two blogs: Art Bead Scene and Creativadoration.

My new policy of relisting items at least once a day, when I have nothing else to list, seems to be helping, as well, because my sales and Etsy hearts have both been going up steadily.

Right now I’m finally doing test tiles, which is taking a while and slowing down new item listing, but it’s definitely worth it: I’m finding out a lot about my glazes and I think it’ll significantly improve the appearance of my products in future.

It’s strange, because it seems like only a few days ago I was worrying about how far behind on my work I was, and now I’m breathing a sigh of relief: “Ah, right on schedule.”

Oh, and I’ve made some big updates to the Handmade Supplies Resource, too!