Panopoly Creations

Things to make:

I’ve got a lot of stuff brewing around in my head. I want to make more beads, yes, but there’s other stuff mulling around too.

I wanna make some ceramic rings. Which also means building my own custom furniture to fire the glazed rings on, because I can’t find anything anywhere that works the way I want it to.

I want to make some little interlocking stackable bowls. I’m not even sure what they’re for, exactly, maybe condiments or jewelry…I just got an image in my head and wrote it down.

I want to make a couple mature items out of coil. I’ve only seen one other person making a remotely similar product, and honestly I think mine might be an improvement.

I want to make some flat coasters in a specific, unusual, decoratively stackable shape, and glaze them using wax resist to give a distinct design to them.

I want to make some very small animal figurines and kiln god type figures. If for no other reason than that I collect animal miniatures. Also, I need more cuteness in my inventory.

I also, somewhat relatedly, want to make something that is (gasp!) not clay: some pendant charms made from these awesome rubber animal figurines sold at this bizarre discount store by my house. I think they’d be adorable.

So, I guess, look for that stuff, or more immediately, read here about my frustrated attempts to make said stuff beforehand.