Panopoly Creations

The Halfway Redesign

The boyfriend’s been working on a layout for this blog for something like 2 months now, and when it’s done, it’ll be awesome. But, he’s a busy man, so I threw this together in, like, 2 hours just to tide me over until that one’s done. I just couldn’t stand looking at the default layout any more and it was impeding my desire to actually, you know, blog. On my blog.

So here it is. I’m sure it doesn’t work perfectly, but hopefully it’s functional, because I’m sick of working on it for tonight.

Meanwhile, the vessels I made are going in the junk heap, ’cause I underglazed them. They were mostly tests anyway and I don’t mourn them. The nice box I made dried funky, which I would have ignored in the hopes it fixed itself in the kiln, but then I went and chipped it. So it’s smashed in a glass full of water, turning into wet clay again.

After the disappointing results above, I decided to re-change my mind about test tiles, and I just went and made something like 60 of them–enough to test 30-odd glazes, since I’m doing two tests (one smooth, one textured) each. I’m hoping that they’ll all turn out nice enough that maybe some nice mosaic artist out there might want to buy them from me. We’ll see.