Panopoly Creations

The Busted Battery

My camera’s battery is really most sincerely dead. As in, it doesn’t charge. This is generally bad timing, because the charger for the boyfriend’s new camera hasn’t arrived yet, and as such, his batteries are useless too.

Oh well, at least we still have his old camera.

Just one day before the camera’s battery died, the primary hard drive on my desktop computer died, and I had to get a replacement yesterday. Other than the time and work it takes to set up the new OS and drivers and stuff, I can’t complain–the old one was 80GB and I was able to replace it with a 500GB drive. Which means I now have…1200GB of storage. Yikes!

Anyway, this is all boring stuff to a crafty audience, I’m sure. But, while I was visiting my family for Thanksgiving, I gt to pick up two huge boxes of artwork and art supplies from my college days. Woo!

Today I’m going to be glazing, glazing, glazing, with some new listing thrown in. And meanwhile, the Handmade Supplies Resource continues to improve and expand.