Panopoly Creations

So Shiny!

I’ve been AWOL from the blog because I’ve been cranking out beads!

Beads! Glorious beads!

Loading the kiln is a very perilous process. I need to get better kiln furniture–that would help a lot.

Stacking Stilts for Beads

With the current possible arrangement of high-temperature wires and kiln stilts, I can load about 80-90 beads in the kiln at a time.

Loading the Kiln, Far Above

I fire to stoneware temperatures. The firing itself takes about 4 1/2 hours and the cooling period is about twice that, I think. And then I open up the kiln, do a little dance, and pull everything out.

Lovely Natural-Light Shinies

So colorful! So new! So shiny!

I’ve done two firings in the last three days and hope to do another tonight. And I’m finally able to start listing some of my beads for sale. Yay!

Finally, it feels like I’m making some progress.