Panopoly Creations

I Make Stuff for People to Make Stuff With

…and so do a lot of other people. But even on a relatively well-organized site like Etsy, with a “handmade supplies” section, it’s still difficult to pick out the “handmade by the shop owner” supplies vs. the “handmade by someone else and being resold” supplies. Not to mention the listings where one person made one supply once.

Not that these other things are bad. But as a handmade supply crafter/seller, I’d really like to encourage people like jewelry makers to go that extra step in quality and community support and use handmade to make their handcrafted pieces.

Dappled Blue Handmade Ceramic Beads

So, I’m’a gonna make me a list. And make a webpage to put it on. And stick it up on teh interwebs. A list of shops run by people who make handmade supplies, organized by the supplies they make. And hopefully people will like it.