Panopoly Creations


I have this love/hate relationship with commercial supplies on Etsy. I mean, I sell destashed supplies myself; I just listed some today. And I like buying from Etsy people, particularly those who otherwise contribute to the site. I like supporting Etsy and its awesome design and great interface. I want the commercial supplies to be there, and not just because I sell them.

But I worry, because soon I’m going to be selling my handmade supplies, and I feel like even non-supply items on Etsy often get overwhelmed by commercial supplies. I’d like there to be a way for them to be there but only if you look for them. For example, commercial supplies don’t show up in searches unless you search for “commercial supplies.” I wouldn’t want to cut down on people’s sales, but I don’t think it would because, well, I’m pretty sure most people who buy supplies are looking for supplies.

It gets complicated, though, because of things like the Time Machine. It’s not fair not to include them at all…but maybe, once again, you’d have to opt in to see newly listed supplies? And the front page…well, it should probably stay how it is.

I’m not an expert; these are just my thoughts. I want to have my cake and eat it too, I guess. But in this cake I think that’d work just fine.