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Following up on the last entry, sometimes, the internet is exactly the wealth of resources and information that it should be.

See, everybody needs references. And today, I needed a refresher on some very basic stuff. One quick search, and I find a photo tutorial on how to make a pinch pot, which is what I need, because I’m making glaze test pots instead of tiles.

Speaking of glazes, I found those online too–well, specifically, I got a few bags of dry glazes for $1 each, courtesy of SCRAP, which I originally found online and have been visiting regularly ever since.

And I needed to know things about ceramic beads, and sure enough, I found out the best way to glaze them and the best way to load them in a kiln.

I found all sorts of little pointers here, too. I like having my own ideas confirmed by more experienced people.

The internet is great for coming to your own consensus. It won’t always give you a straight answer, but it will often help you get your answers straight.