Panopoly Creations

Starting Up

Yesterday the boyfriend and I rearranged our whole bedroom for the first time since we moved in 5 months ago, and it turned out quite nice, but now comes the smaller rearrangements. Of course I ended up disorganizing all my crafty stuff in the process.

Not that it was very organized to begin with. There’s two big Rubber maid boxes stuffed with supplies, and two smaller blue boxes, and piles of papers and bags of packing supplies and way more beads than I can fit in my three supply boxes. And now of course I have a kiln, which hasn’t even been installed yet, but already I’ve got bags of glaze, and downstairs in the (communal) yard I’ve got a ventilation system that I don’t even know if I need, and stacked on top of that I’ve got a half-dozen bags of dried-up clay I got for free, that I need to rehydrate, but don’t have any buckets to do it in.

So today I’m working on my plan to make a big modular shelving system in one of our room’s alcoves, out of free wood found on the street. It won’t solve all my organizational problems, but one would at least hope it would be harder to lose stuff. Plus, it’d look a hell of a lot better. I think.