Panopoly: Ceramic art and craft, by Lynae Zebest

Running on a Treadmill

For the past month or so, I’ve felt like I’m just barely keeping my head above water. There are so many projects I want to be working on, but instead it seems like I’m only completing the tasks that need completing.

This is terribly frustrating for an obsessive workaholic such as myself. For example, working nonstop on custom orders means that, when I’m done, my inventory is just as small (if not smaller) as it was before I made all that stuff. So even though I am making money and working hard, there seems to be virtually nothing left to show for it except a messy studio and a sink full of dishes.

I feel like I really need to kick into overdrive and make some AWESOME NEW STUFF. But–what’s that? A new pile of custom orders just came in? And another project deadline approaches? And I’m going out of town for my birthday on the 26th and need to do all this stuff before I leave?

Here we go again….

The Sick Laptop

I have had my laptop for two years. I bought it new. After about 8 months it started having all these problems with its display. Then the hinges started getting all floppy. After about a year I had to have the entire top half of it replaced–and the hard drive too.

A while ago it started overheating all the time. Then the hinges started getting floppy AGAIN. Then it started having mostly mild, but noticeable, problems with the display. Again.

After talking about it with the boy for a while, we decided that maybe the overheating was caused by dust, and maybe the hinge/display problem could be fixed this early on. So he cleaned out the fan–which, because my laptop was designed by morons (Sorry, Hewlett-Packard, I don’t care how many other good products you make, or that two of my family members work for you, but this thing really is kind of a POS.) required basically taking apart the entire machine–and sure enough, it was all full of dust.

So the overheating problem got solved. And once the screws on the hinges were tightened, that problem got solved too. But the display problems are still there, and more importantly–the machine now just plain turns off at random intervals, with no warning, with no apparent cause. And refuses to turn back on unless it gets left alone for a few minutes first.

Because of that I’ve spent all day backing up all my data. I don’t want to do anything that’s particularly important on the laptop, especially anything that doesn’t automatically save itself frequently, which is why there were no new Etsy listings today, despite the fact that I have lots of new photos up on Flickr and took even more goodies out of the kiln this afternoon. But now that everything is pretty much moved over to my desktop computer, I hope to get some stuff listed tomorrow, and maybe take some more pics. Meanwhile, here’s a little sampler of things to come:

Orphan Bead Grab Bag
Since they were popular in the past, I’ve put together a few more “orphan” bead sets, sort of samplers of my work, including beads that are, for various reasons, one of a kind.

Ring Prototypes
I’m still doing work perfecting the process of making handmade ceramic rings–I can’t find any information anywhere about how to do it, or even find any people that are doing it at all, so I’ve had to find my own way. These two little guys are by no means my final “look,” but I tried them out and found them to be attractive and wearable nonetheless, so I thought I’d list them and see what happens.

Lapis Blue Beads
I can’t quite decide what these 11mm rounds look like to me–the glaze was intended to look like lapis but I think they might more closely resemble some other natural stone–what do you think?


With not much of anything to add to my shop inventory right now (although I’m working on a lot of things–they’re just not ready yet) I’ve decided this is a good time to do some experimenting, with item renewals and tweaking titles and descriptions, to see if that boosts views or sales.

I was going strong for a couple weeks there, and now I’m in a lull again. I’ll be breaking it this week, but in the meantime, there’s still work to be done.