Panopoly: Ceramic art and craft, by Lynae Zebest

BIG update in the shop tonight…

I have been bustin’ my buns recently, getting pieces made and photographed. I’m gearing up for the holiday season!

Tonight, a number of new pieces, mostly my larger work, made their way to Etsy. Take a peek:

squid book cover woodland buttons celebration bowl celebration bowls celebration cups helianthemum lunch plates helianthemum dessert plates jade zinnia plates seafoam zinnia plates mountain daisy plates eat more pie plates pie in the sky plates apple pie plates round plaid dishes oval plaid dishes square plaid plates heart plaid plates

Coming soon: gift tags, coasters, a wee bowl restock, more pendants, and little vases!

Back from the Break

I have returned from my short reprieve from blogging and internet shenanigans! Unfortunately my break from the internet as a whole never happened–there’s always one more thing that comes up, you know? But, well, it’s not all that unfortunate, and I still managed to get a lot of offline work done. I am sooo excited about the new things I’m working on! Meanwhile, there are lots of new(ish) things in my shop that I have been meaning to show off here!

Coming soon to my shop…

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!