Panopoly: Ceramic art and craft, by Lynae Zebest

Thinking of a Sunny Day

I’m still convalescing, though I felt a bit better today. In an effort to cheer myself, I put some recent photos up on Flickr today, focusing on a nice warm day at the beach.

Tire Beach, that is.

Soft Focus Shore

Sniff Sniff

Happy to See Sunshine

Art on the Shore

new photos

pendant 1

I’ve been pretty much down for the count for the last few days with strep throat (only a week after getting over the flu). So, because it’s a relatively immobile activity, I’ve been using my convalescence as an excuse to re-photograph some of my older pendants, which were in dire need of it.

pendant 2

pendant 3

I also spend some time last night getting a little maudlin about “happier days” when I wasn’t seemingly perpetually ill. In particular, I thought about April 3rd, when I got to spend a whole long awesome perfect-weather day with my husband and my kitty doing whatever I wanted. What a day it was…

Happy Pepper

Flop Peeks Out At  the Neighbors

Awesome Outfit + Lensflare

New Pendants!

Over the last few days, a new batch of poem pendants has been making its way into the shop, including these personal favorites:

A Backlog of News!

I’ve been neglecting my Thing A Day project lately, at least in the sense that I haven’t been making a lot out of raw clay in the past couple weeks. However, I don’t feel bad about this, because I’ve been getting a lot done.

You might notice, for example, that some of my Thing A Day pieces are already up up in my Etsy shop. In fact, some of them have already sold! Here’s a couple pictures of the completion process for them:

Thing a Day: Kilnload

Thing A Day: Glaze Glaze Glaze #1

Thing A Day: cluck tile

I also don’t even think I mentioned here that in addition to some of the Thing A Day goodies I showed off here, I also made more than 30 plates. Many of these went to the new batch I took over to Mission Pie: if you thought the last ones I made for them were a bit too “souvenir-y,” the new ones say simply “eat more pie,” which is a message I think we can all live by.

Another Round

The other main project I (and my husband, who’s been doing all the gruntwork) have been working on, is the continuing “remodel”/makeover of my studio, which has remained somewhat of a stagnated work in progress since last fall, but is now finally getting some very happy improvements. The first step was putting in some shelves:

Yay Shelves! #4

And in addition to more shelves on the way, plus some ART on the walls, we found this awesome cabinet/drawer unit thing on the street,which after some pretty minor repairs, is now able to hold all my inventory, and not look totally hideous doing it! So suddenly (well, after some very happy yet heavy reorganization occured) filling orders no longer involves spelunking through the closet and digging through boxes and generally going on an epic adventure every time.

The sun has finally returned to San Francisco, which does mean I’ve been taking some genuine time off to go and frolic in the sunshine. It also means my studio has become a sunlit, inspiring place to work, which in turn has allowed me to get a lot of stuff done that I was just not feeling all winter long, such as uploading big chunks of my backlog of photos, drawing, reading, and welll…generally being happy!

Out Across the Lake

More Thing A Day


I’m really enjoying making mugs lately, which is weird because I’ve only made 2 prior to this, in my entire history of pottery-making.


And I’m making some modifications to the design of my wall tiles…I like this new one better so far, but we’ll see how it is post-firing.

See more Thing A Day here.

Thing A Day

dream beast #2

I’ve been doing this “make a thing a day” thing. It’s real casual. If I miss a day, I can make 2 things the next day. Spending a significant amount of time modifying/improving previous things can count as a thing. Making custom pieces, or other things I’d be making regardless, count too. And obviously, because this is ceramics, “making” a thing, firing it, glazing it, firing it again…those are all separate “things” and can therefore count as a thing.

There are lots of rules. None set in stone.


The goal is to continually exercise my muscles, to ideally get to a place of mental elasticity where creativity is always within reach, as opposed to what I think is most artists’ usual default–where creativity is a “spark” that “strikes” and you can’t get anything done unless it does.

We’ll see how it goes. I am optimistic, and it helps that remodeling on my studio continues. Soon I will have shelves. SHELVES. Glorious shelves!

I am also very happy to be making more little creatures. I haven’t done so in a couple years, and I hadn’t even realized I’d missed it.

Go to my Flickr to see more Thing a Day photos, both today and in the coming weeks!

On Simplicity and Perfection

Happy New Year, everyone!

with chain

There is currently a lot of small tweaking, fudging, updating and overhauling going on in the Etsy shop. Most of it will go unnoticed, and that’s kind of the idea. I am hard at work getting everything a little bit simpler and a little bit better. Soon I hope to go through a re-photograph a lot of my older stock to get things looking a little more polished and uniform.

sold, but made to order

I am also now going to be offering a number of my already-sold, but very-loved, items on a made-to-order basis. They will be sold at the same rate as my in-stock items. I believe this will make it easier for me to get my customers the pieces they want. All made-to-order pieces have a turnaround of a few weeks.

planter in hand

One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the direction of my work. I feel like 2010, in many ways, was a time of stasis for my ceramic pieces. It was a momentous year for other parts of my life: I got married, spent a month traveling in Europe, lost two beloved family members, made many new friends and had many wonderful, unique experiences. But my volume of work decreased, and in a lot of ways, I wasn’t “feeling it.”

Now that I have my new, big studio space to work in, I am allowing my artistic self to come out of the doldrums. I want to really listen to my inner voice and encourage it to speak up. And the only thing that is holding me back, is me.

i compare my work to other people’s too much.
I forget what I want from myself.
I get distracted easily.
I worry things won’t sell.
I worry that I’m not good enough.
I am afraid to push my limits.

For me, I hope 2011 will be a year of confidence and growing. I want to make beautiful things. And I want to share them.

Mission Pie Plates

I just wanted to share some great news with you all–you can now find plates that I’ve made for Mission Pie in their cafe, which is just a scant few blocks from my home in San Francisco. Go there for the delicious pie, friendly service, and and great atmosphere. Bring a pie home…and take one of my plates to eat it on!

Here’s a few photos I snapped before I delivered the plates:

Mission Pie Plates

All in a Line

mission pie plates

pie plates

red slice

purple slice

orange slice

We’re Back!

Although I neglected to mention the whole thing here before we left, my husband Orin and I just returned from our month-ish-long belated honeymoon trip to Eastern Europe.

We sublet our apartment while we were gone, and as a result, we still have a bit of work to do before my studio is set up…so between that, and catching up on shipping orders that were placed while we were gone, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to get all my photos nicely tagged and up on Flickr yet. But, here’s a little sampling of the awesomeness we experienced:

Ah, Youth…

In one of my many completely clueless attempts at becoming popular, I once lied and told all the kids in my class that I had an awesome new best friend with a living room that looked something like this:
Sunken Living Room

Unsurprisingly, my 12-year-old, circa 1997 classmates were decidedly unimpressed.

Also unsurprisingly, I still occasionally imagine that awesome best friend is real.

…Except now I also imagine that his family’s selling their furnished house. For a price I can afford.

(image via Whorange)