Panopoly Creations

Steps to Completion…

I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve got going on in the studio right now. It’s a long journey from wet clay to a finished piece listed in my shop, and I have a little of every step of the road happening right now.

Step 1: Greenware
This is the part where the piece is formed from wet clay and then dried, before it goes into the kiln for the first firing.

Step 2: Bisqueware
After the first firing, the piece is a blank canvas, ready to be decorated and glazed.

Step 3: Waiting to be Photographed
After the piece has been fired again and is complete, I need to photograph it, possibly measure it, and get it online. This is probably the step that a given piece gets stuck on the longest! Many of the pieces in these photos are custom or wholesale work that now just needs to be mailed or delivered…the rest will find their way into the shop sometime soon.