Panopoly Creations

Thing A Day

dream beast #2

I’ve been doing this “make a thing a day” thing. It’s real casual. If I miss a day, I can make 2 things the next day. Spending a significant amount of time modifying/improving previous things can count as a thing. Making custom pieces, or other things I’d be making regardless, count too. And obviously, because this is ceramics, “making” a thing, firing it, glazing it, firing it again…those are all separate “things” and can therefore count as a thing.

There are lots of rules. None set in stone.


The goal is to continually exercise my muscles, to ideally get to a place of mental elasticity where creativity is always within reach, as opposed to what I think is most artists’ usual default–where creativity is a “spark” that “strikes” and you can’t get anything done unless it does.

We’ll see how it goes. I am optimistic, and it helps that remodeling on my studio continues. Soon I will have shelves. SHELVES. Glorious shelves!

I am also very happy to be making more little creatures. I haven’t done so in a couple years, and I hadn’t even realized I’d missed it.

Go to my Flickr to see more Thing a Day photos, both today and in the coming weeks!