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Indie-Mart Fall Street Fair

I had lots of fun at Indie-Mart yesterday! It was a beautiful day (just a wee bit windy though!) and I had great company in my double-wide booth with Jen of Mastodon Garden. I got a chance to run around and check out the other booths, which included mostly great handmade clothing and vintage finds, peppered with some cupcake and confection makers, and various other designers, crafters and artists.

Highlights of the day for me were:
· Getting to chat with Tara of Combustion Glass Works, the face behind the Sonoma Artisan Faire, where I’ll be vending next month.
· Sprout Studio‘s totally awesome, original display setup.
· Blackbird Photography‘s beautiful work (the boyfriend took home one of their pieces), and their adorable kids, who were selling their crayon and marker drawings as well.
· A sweet lady going around selling her “Bierocks for Barack” to raise money for the Obama campain. They were super-tasty!

I busted my butt in the couple weeks before, making enough new items to fill my tables and shelves. Courtesy of the ever-supportive Orin, here’s some photos of my display!