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The Daily Five

I’ve decided to start doing a semi-daily (meaning: the days I remember to do it and/or have time) feature of five neato items found on Etsy. If you found something really cool on Etsy and would like to tell me about it, tell me about it in the comments!

I wouldn’t even be advertizing juror2‘s ChefChop Tee or Apron if I didn’t know she could make more. I totally love this and want to buy one for my boyfriend’s younger brother, who’s going to culinary school. I had an opportunity to meet Ms. juror2 at Craftaluma a couple months ago (I bought a magnet with a pirate on it) and her illustrations look even better in person!

aorta makes all kinds of beautiful, one-of-a-kind applique clothing, often incorporating some of my favorite animals, squids! I’m totally digging this “>applique squid tie. She uses upcycled clothing for all of her creations, which gives them even more of a unique feel.

La Traviata- The Fallen Rabbit is one of my favorite paintings currently in amberalexander‘s shop–but it was hard to choose because her watercolors are so lovely. I think the item description sells this print better than I ever could: She couldn’t help herself. She was a beautiful, young Rabbit and Men wanted her. Why shouldn’t she enjoy?

I’m really digging the jewelry that philosophia makes, incorporating real butterfly wings, such as this one, which also has a scrap of vintage paper trapped inside. I’m a real sucker for science-meets-art, and this fits the bill nicely.

motleymutton‘s little needlefelted animal necklaces are always totally adorable, but I’ve never seen her make a bat before. The little goth girl inside of me is squealing with glee!

And that’s the five for today, folks! Tonight or tomorrow I will have another post talking all about the event that’s happening at Brownies Vintage tomorrow night!