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Super-Belated Christmas Photo-Op

So, I promised a roundup of things I did during December, and Christmas goodies in general, and now I’m fiiiinally making good.

The boyfriend got a new DSLR camera for Christmas, and with it came the obligatory handmade accessories, courtesy me and my Etsy search savvy. Here’s a picture he took of his goodies:

Camera Strap and Custom Camera Bag!

First up is a hand-decorate DSLR camera strap made by ManonD. The strap itself is a professional commercial strap, but has been jazzed up with a cool fabric.

But the main gift was a custom camera bag. I picked out all of the fabrics for him, and the wonderful lady behind Wicked Stitch Designs put it all together! I was super-pleased with the result. The bag was ridiculously well-made, and is th eperfect size to hold all his accessories and camera, safely and securely.

Speaking of bags, after Christmas I bought myself a little present too! I spent something like 2 weeks searching for the perfect bag, and finally I came upon this lovely bag by Elizabeth Gwen Originals, shown below:

And meanwhile, what was I doing the whole Christmas season?

Making these ornaments, for my family:

Pile of Ornaments