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Handmade Supplies: Updates and About

I’ve updated the Handmade Supplies Resource today. Despite some improvements in Etsy’s search and tagging functions, there is still more mistagging of handmade supplies than possibly any other category. At least 30% of the stuff I’m finding that is tagged “supplies” and “handmade” was not made by the seller. Also, many sellers do not state whether or not they make their handmade supplies themselves, which is unfortunate. When I’m looking for handmade supplies (right now I’m casually on the lookout for some handmade metal findings, as I’d like to branch out and make some simple, elegant jewelry that shows off my handmade beads…not only to share my beads with non-crafty consumers, but to maybe someday have something to send to The Sampler) I’m not looking for supplies that were handmade by an underpaid factory worker, or even by a well-paid worker with whom I have no personal connection.

I do believe that buying handmade is all about that connection. Even if the connection is very small, even if it’s just visiting their site and looking at their pictures and reading their descriptions. There’s still this feeling of, I know this person, which takes it to a whole ‘nother level. There’s also this feeling that the item you bought was made with love, or at least, with passion. While that factory worker or laborer may have worked hard to make my item, they didn’t do it with a sense of joy, or with the feeling that making the item was its own reward. And that’s the difference.